Friday, February 28, 2014

Why Seth Rogen's Alzheimer's message is important.

Sure, he is a well known marijuana partaker. Hollywood Celeb. Fellow Canuck. That is what we all know of him. Except for one thing. He is a voice for those who are losing themselves. I watched on CSPAN his address to Congress on the need for more funding for Alzheimer's. A devastating disease that pretty much wipes out a person's ability to be human. The loss of memory is just one of the many debilitating  effects of this disease. But his reasoning for being there was a personal one. He was one of the many family members on this planet that have to watch as their loved ones slowly deteriorate into a shell of a person. He sat there in front of those who had the power to help and poured his heart out.

 What is even sadder is the that it was heard by just two Senators who sat on this committee. There before them was some one that not only had a personal tie to the disease, but one that had enough sway for the general public to take notice, but yet not Government.

Mr. Rogen's speech was all to familiar. There is a lot of people in this country that have something worth fighting for. Whether it be Autism, Gay equality, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Global warming.. All are worthy of attention. All should have the up most respect and be heard by all. I applaud Mr. Rogen for being a voice to those who have lost their ability to converse. We need more of the rich and famous to be like this. Maybe if he had more backing, there would have been more seats filled and his message heard. But I guess a disease that takes a person away from themselves isn't a big ticket item.

I know I write about a lot of stuff. I have never been truly open about my own experience with Alzheimer's. My Grandmother has it. For the past few years I have watched this remarkable woman decline. This very strong woman who was always in my corner when it came to being a military spouse, because she knew what it took to be one. This woman who raised 8 children, welcomed her grandchildren and great grandchildren, sits in a nursing home slowly drifting away. She has her good moments, where certain names and memories are remembered. But it is now becoming very few in between when we get that. I still call her, most times she gets confused with who she is talking to. I love this woman so fiercely and for me it is sad to see this woman slip into the recess of her own mind.

Mr.Rogen's message is an important one. One that shouldn't be ignored. Take away from the roles he has played in Hollywood, he is just a person who sadden by the effect of a very devastating disease on a loved one. Whether Mr. Rogen reads this or not, I hope he knows that just because congress didn't listen, you have all of us who did and we applaud you, Sir.

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