Monday, February 3, 2014



I get you. I do. Whether you are a child who is one or an Adult that is one. I hear you loud and clear. You want your message to be heard by the world that you are badass.  But you see I am on to you. The trick to you is that you are insecure. Yup I said it.


I am willing to bet that there is some aspect of your life that you are simply not happy with. And in order for you to feel better about yourself, you find the weakest link. Half the time its those that are smaller than you. Or the ones you think are emotionally cracked. Or it could be the ones that you are jealous of. They have something you wish you had. So in order to make yourself look like the bigger person, you boost yourself by making others feel bad. Its that very short emotional high that you get from that, that you crave. See. I get you.

But here is the deal... lean in real close.. You listening..?  You are better than that.

If you are an Adult that bullies, whether it be in real life or here online. You are better than that. Why? Well take a look at the people you troll. What do they have  that you don't and wished you had? Then take a look at yourself. Where in your life are you suffering? I bet that there is something in there that needs to be addressed. That one thing that you refused to fix because you simply don't want to. Its easier to get that emotional high from others.

Parents of bullies.  Attitudes begin at home. Children are a product of their own environment. They are like these little sponges. So if they hear you call someone "Retarded", "Stupid", "Ugly" or any other derogatory name, 9 times out of 10 they are going to think that is acceptable to call someone else. So when you are getting hauled in to the school because your child is calling someone something bad or that they have successfully made someone feel worse about themselves, ask yourself where would they learn that behavior. What is going on in your child's life that would make them insecure about something. Because when it comes to a child that bullies, its all about insecurity.

Sadly as this world is turning towards the age of Social Media, the bulling that purely existed in the hallways of schools or within the confines of an office space, has reached the depths of the internet. Online bullying is quickly becoming one of the main reasons for suicides among the teens and our 20 somethings.It is only recently that laws have been put in place to now charge people of online bullying. 

So there you have it. Take it for what it is. The more of us that get challenged by those who don't think about their words, we are fighting back. We are on to you. And we are teaching our children the skills they will need when you strike. So if you need to feel better about yourself by belittling others, then take a step back and look at yourself and your life. See where you can improve so you don't have to suck it out of someone else.

I will say this, you bully my child, and you will feel the wrath of a parent. And if you are parent that has a child that is relentless in their bullying, you will be held responsible for your child's actions. This a reason you don't mess with Momma Bear.