Saturday, February 8, 2014

To Woody and the Gang, With Love....

First off, Thank You. I say thank you for the joy that you have given our children.

We started our journey with you and the Gang back in 2005. My eldest at the time was 1. He had instantly fallen in love with you, Buzz Lightyear. From there we were hooked. But it wasn't until our daughter came along, where our love of everything Toy Story began to happen.

Buzz, there was something about you, that made a Space Ranger out of our boy. You peaked the imagination in this young one. Dreams of protecting the galaxy to exploring the stars. You kept him safe as he slumbered into his dreamland. You made sure he had a constant buddy. 

Woody, it was your face and welcoming smile that won the heart of our daughter. You see, she is autistic and her connection to you was unbreakable. You were the constant in her life. That familiar face when times got tough. She brought you to doctor appointments, as your smile would help her get through situations she didn't know how to process.You started her first day of school with her. Being military, you have been to CA, HI and now MD. But you have made being a military child less stressful.

Then came along Jessie. You girl. Jessie, she could identify  with you. She loved you from the minute she laid eyes on you. From your bright red yarn hair, right down to the spurs on your cowgirl boots. You joined Woody and Buzz. Our girl would try so hard to yodel like you. Even though, she couldn't find her words, she would imitate your words and actions. The year we had your costume from boots to hat, was one of the best Hallowe'en our girl had. You were her hero. You still are her hero.

As we go into a new period of our lives with our third child, also with Autism, you guys are still a constant in our lives. Again we are faced with another child who has difficulty getting his words out. But the one constant one that comes out so clearly is, Woody. And like his sister, you come everywhere with us. You are that comfort. You are that reassuring face that lets him know, he has a friend helping him through his journey.  He can't quite get out Buzz or Jessie, but you guys are with him as well.

We have carried on that love for you guys.

So when Disney-Pixar created all of you guys, I don't think they fully understood just how much you all are loved. I don't know if they knew the full scope you would reach. Just within the Autism Community, you are a staple. We parents joke that we all have memorized your movies, as we have seen them more times than we have fingers and toes put together. But its because of that we see that joy that you all have given our children.

You have been with us since 2005. Your faces have brought so much joy to our children. For us, despite that you are missing a hand and a foot, or that you are scraped and your hair worn, or that Buzz your helmet has seen better days, you are still very much loved and played with by our children..

And with that, I will sign off.

Many Thanks,
From this very grateful Parent.