Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why the fight for the Military is important.

Why is the fight of the Military and it's families an important one?

For the past couple of weeks the voices of the military have been heard due to cuts in retirement and earned benefits  in the recent budget deal that was passed right before Christmas. We fight to have what our service members have earned through war zones, deployments and 20+ years in the service. In Decmeber most of us were stunned that both Congress and Senate would haphazardly pass this bill without even a regard to this country's service men and women. We were no more shocked when Senator McCain, a Veteran himself, with a long military family history voted to pass this bill. On the eve of this historic vote, we the families of this country's service members took to any platform we could to beg and plead to anyone who would listen to contact their Senator and congress rep on our behalf. We wanted Washington to know that what they did was a disservice to those who have and still proudly served in this Nation's military. We are asking again to lend us your voice and your anger to let the government know they need to correct their mistake. They need to let the military know they actually care. 

So the question is why should the general public care?

Well there are many reasons. 

You see if we didn't have people to volunteer to enlist, there would be the draft. Yes I said it. The draft. For those who remember what that is from Vietnam and WWII, it means that you owe your country time in the service. So when the next group of people feel the need to challenge the freedoms of this country, be prepared to be conscripted. How does that tie in to what is happening? Well if the Governement continues to screw the military over there is no incentive to join, therefore, in order to protect this country and it's freedoms, the draft will be re-instated. Now it would be nice if those who handle the money for the Military had done some years in the military to understand how it works so we wouldn't have people like Senator Paul Ryan and Senator Murray putting a budget deal like this one through. 

Another is reason, is the military shouldn't have to worry about their hard earned retirement and benefits that were promised to them when they enlisted. They need to be focused on the job their country asks them to do. All these freedoms that people are screaming about, Speech, Guns etc, those rights are protected by the military, whether they agree with them or not. So when we are faced with a government that doesn't see the need to take care of its military, why should the military bother to care? Well they bother because they signed an agreement when they enlisted and each time they are up to get out, this country asks them to stay in with promises. Also there is this thing called honor. Most service members you talk to say it's been an honor to serve and protect their country. There is this thing called Sacrifice. The military has sacrificed a lot in the name of service. Time with family and the ultimate sacrifice, their lives. 

We don't want to be that country that doesn't stand behind it's Veterans and Active Duty.

So the plight of this country's military is important to the everyday person. I beg you to please stand with us. Please call your Government Reps. If you are on any social media, lend us your voice. With that being said make Washington #KeepYourPromise.