Monday, December 30, 2013

Is Acceptance becoming a lost art?

It seems to me that as of late Acceptance has become one that is getting ignored. It seems it doesn't matter what you are, this need to tell people what you think of them regardless of who you are is astonishing. In the past couple of weeks the internet has exploded with this thought process, well if you don't agree with me or you are different from me you must be inferior.

Not saying that we all have to be friends, but the point of accepting someone's thoughts and opinions or uniqueness and moving on has become a lost notion. You can agree to disagree or ignore a person that you don't like. I am finding that social media has become the gladiator type arena for people to take bashing one another to a whole new level. You have to ask yourself what is the point? Most of them its random stranger pitted against random stranger.

I think what worries me is that when you are in a certain community and there is need to bash some one for their thoughts and questions or their uniqueness. I see this a lot within the Autism Community. A Community that screams acceptance and fights for it, but yet within it's walls can't accept those who are in the confines of it. Either it has been a page, who is set up to provide information about Autism and Advocacy blasting those who ask questions, protecting the very people who attack those who happen to come upon this page with inquiries. Or its a personal attack on those who have discovered something about themselves. But it is truly sad that a community that wants Acceptance from the World, can't even accept their own.

It doesn't just stop there. The past couple of weeks have seen internet debates that include Military retirements to Duck Dynasty. My religion is better than your religion. My political side is better than your political side. I can't make a point about how Reality TV has skewed the priorities of this country without religion and politics being pulled into it. It wasn't  about religion. It wasn't about who you voted for. But that turned into a shit storm because people thought religion was being persecuted. Back to my religion is better than yours mentality. Back to the whole question of "Why can't we just accept that others are different and move on.."

Personally, I have always been a fairly open minded person. I don't care if you are Gay, Straight, Autistic, Neuro typical, Republican, Democrat, Hindu, Muslim or Christian and so on. I care when you don't accept me for who I am. You can disagree with me, that is fine. But move on. Respect the fact that even though I don't agree with you, I have accepted who you are. Don't bash me for being who I am because I don't conform to your idea of what is right.

Acceptance is becoming a lost art.