Tuesday, March 18, 2014

When is it not ok?

 Pushing someone's buttons is a past time for some people. We, humans are so critical of each other. In this spirit of being critical and mean, why don't people ask themselves, When is it not ok?

When is it not ok to criticize a parent who is struggling to parent their child? Is it when you can already tell they are having a bad day and are just trying to make through the next 5 minutes of their life?

When is it not ok to pass judgement on how someone chooses to live their lives? Is it when you tell them  that the choices they have made are wrong? Even though you don't live their lifestyle?

When is it ok to pick on someone because they look different than you? Is it when you have just called them Retard, Nigger, Faggot or any other name off the derogatory list?

When is it ok to make a person feel like they have a disability because you say they can't do something?Is it when you tell a parent of a special needs child, that their child isn't going to amount to much?

When is it ok to discriminate someone because of their faith? Is it when you tell them they are going to hell because you don't agree with what they practice?

When is it ok for you tell someone who is suffering from a mental illness that their feelings and thoughts are invalid because you deem them to be? Or that they be subjected to ridicule? Is it when you continually provoke that person until they snap?

When is it ok for you to disrespect someone on such an epic level, they feel they don't want to live on this planet any more? Is it when you call them weak for committing suicide?

When is it ok for humans to treat other's like this?

The answer is never. Never should a person made to feel smaller. Never should a person be harassed, discriminated against or wronged for being the person they are. Never should a person be made to feel they are invalid. People have their own thoughts and opinions about how life should be lived. The trick comes when people start focusing on their own lives, instead of those around them.

It is never ok to make another person feel like they don't have a purpose. Everyone has a purpose. Whether it is to love, educate, farm, drive a bus.. whatever it maybe everyone has the right to live their lives accordingly.