Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Come Sit by Me and I will tell you how it feels.

I wasn't going to write anything for today. As there are so many fantastically written pieces already out there. But I feel like I owe to you and myself to write something.

I can only echo what has already been said. There are certain words within our vocabulary that are very outdated. These terms are often used as an instrument of insult. "Retard", "Nigger", "Faggot" "Kike" just to name a few. Sadly the list goes on. With today being the Spread the Word to end the Word, I think it should to be changed to Spread the Word to end all Words.

 The nature of an insult can do a number on your psyche, which is why it gets said.There are so many unkind words that get said because people don't understand. As that is what it comes down to. A bully isn't going to fully understand the impact of their words, until they are on the receiving end of the what is being said.And until we start standing up to those who use such insults that were mentioned. Trying to stop the words from being part of our vocabulary is only part of the equation. The other part is standing up to the bullies that use them. If people were more educated about things, imagine how the world would be? But since a lot of people are unwilling to teach themselves, this is going to be a vicious cycle, that keeps going on and on.

I see the hurt in both a child's eyes as well as the parent's eyes when words are used against them. Every time I hear people use outdated slurs it makes me wonder just how much our society has come. Some days I think "Oh how marvelous that we have all this information so readily in front of us, there is no excuse" But then I think.. "Ignorance is a choice." People choose to say the words. Which is very sad. Its sad to me that Human Beings are the most intelligent species on this planet, but yet there are times were we are taught compassion by those species who have lower brain power. Compassion for your fellow human being. What a concept. But yet some many have no idea how it feels.

You feel small. Worth nothing. Like you have no more air to breathe because you don't think you are worth it. If this person thinks that, then everyone else must too. You look in the mirror everyday to try and convince yourself that have a rightful place on this earth. But you see that gets flushed down the toilet at the mention of a derogatory insult. What should it matter to you if I learn differently, practice religion differently, live my life differently or if my skin is different from yours. Am I not just the same as you? A Human being?

So on the day of Spread The Word to End the Word. I challenge people to discard their racist, bigotry, discriminatory and stereotypical ways of thinking, stop using words that are harmful. Stop bullying someone in order for you to feel better. Take a minute and think back to time where you felt small because of harmful words that were said to you. Be the change you want the world to see.  And if you have never had an experience like that, well come sit next me and I will tell you all about how that feels.

Spread the Word to End all the Derogatory Words.