Friday, August 23, 2013

WWII Vet gets beaten to death. Is this how Society respects our Veterans?

As I sat down to drink my morning coffee this morning, a story came across my news feed concerning the beating death of an 88 year old WWII veteran. This was done at the hands of teenagers out in Spokane, WA. Here was a guy that fought in Okinawa, survived getting shot there, proudly served his country and this is the respect that he gets? What is wrong with people, I have to ask myself.

I am beginning to wonder about the treatment of our Veterans in this country.Being married to the military, I am saddened that this is how we treat our veterans. Now, I know that not everyone is like those teenagers, but what happened to our youth, that they have so much disregard towards those who have made more sacrifices than they have. Sure, they could learn about the World Wars, Korean and Vietnam Wars in their history textbooks or even talk to a Veteran about their experiences. But it seems that the youth today just don't care. And why should they? Look at the social attitudes towards Veterans. People protesting at our service member's funerals. People calling our returning Military horrible things like murders and torturers. Let's not even talk about how the government has treated our Veterans. Cutting back on programs essential to their well being or the well being of their families. Or even cutting back their pay, because they can't see past their own selves.

I have always been a huge supporter of Veterans. I have listened my grandfather tell, through painful memories, his stories and experiences of seeing the horrors of war. I look at all those who bravely fought for the freedoms we have today and have the up most admiration and respect. I have it for those who are now currently coming back from War Zones. The treatment of our Veterans hits home for me, as I am married to one. One day he will retire. One day he will sit with his shipmates, and talk about the old days back when. Just as my Grandfather used to do and the countless of other Veterans still do.

Delbert Belton served his country. He served proudly. And the level of respect he got was to be beaten to death by a bunch of ungrateful teenagers. This wasn't about race. It was about people taking advantage of an elderly person for gain or boredom. It would be nice if some of the younger crowd would take the time to thank those who fought. As they don't know what holds in the future, the world just might be in for another Major conflict, where the draft just might be put in place. You learn from your past.

Here is the story about Delbert Belton. I hope they catch the guys who thought it was necessary and cool to beat down a WWII Veteran.