Monday, August 19, 2013

When Something Simple Becomes Something so Big.

I am a firm believer that somethings take time to figure out. That you need patience sometimes to see an end result of hard work. But when you see the positive impact of working hard and achieving something, its priceless. I saw this today.

My youngest is pretty much non verbal. We get the sounds and the grunts and the occasional random word. But today was different. He said a two word sentence that meant something. " Bye Bye Momma". He said that.He said as he walked out of the kitchen waving Good Bye to me. I just stood there in complete Awe. I can't tell you how endearing it was to hear that little voice, beaming and clear. My heart just sung. And if this is all he says for the next couple of months, then I will take it. As it means, there is something there. A connection has been made. We have made a step towards something very awesome.

I write this, because I want to give others hope. I know its a frustrating process watching your child struggle with something that comes naturally to others. But when you see them overcome something, its a heart warmer. Its like Christmas or any other joyful Holiday. You are that giddy. See this is what Special Needs Parents do. All these milestones that get hit and achieved we Celebrate them with all the gusto we can, as we know the hard work that gets put into these goals.

Never stop fighting the good fight. Celebrate all the achievements, big or small your child has made. In time and with guidance, things will happen. And when they do, be prepared for your heart to just explode.

Anyway I hope this gives some people some hope. And know that we are all in this and well all understand the Joys and Frustrations.

And that folks, is my good news of the day :)