Thursday, August 1, 2013

Is Jenny McCarthy the Poster child for Sanctimonious Parents?

It appears lately that we have had an influx of Sanctimonious Parents on the blogs, pages and just general day to day. I have never been one to criticize the parenting choices of others. What you do with your children is your business, unless it boarders on abuse. So with the recent addition of Jenny McCarthy to The View, I can understand why a lot of parents are taken back by ABC's choice to hire her to replace Elizabeth Hassleback.This has spawned a whole new level of you are wrong and I am right arguments. I know my stance.

I am not going to sit here and say that she is a bad mother. She apparently like the rest of us wanted the best for her child. Any parent would be that. What I have issue with, is her need to spread false hope to the world of Autism Parents, with her "Cures", " Diets" and her "Google MD". I know she has all the money in the world to afford the best cures, the best food and be able to fly anywhere in the world to take her child to various Doctors. That is great for her. But lets take a look at the average everyday person, who is currently battling the system just to get basic services from their insurance. They are paying out of pocket for a lot of stuff. Not everyone can afford the top notch food. Heck most of us are lucky to afford organic or even gluten free. Having a special needs child can deplete the money.  She doesn't factor that in when she talks about everything she has done. I don't agree with a lot of what she done with her son, but that is her business. But if you don't follow her ideals, you are wrong, in her eyes. 

I don't have an issue with this woman's stance on inoculations.  To each their own. But it doesn't just stop there. According to Ms.McCarthy, if you don't agree with a lot of her stances on things you are not considered one of her "Warrior Moms" but a "Victim Mom". I take issue with that. As it gives all those Sanctimonious Parents out there a Celebrity Cheerleader. She is more than welcome to have her own opinion on things. But this whole thing to generalize a group of people that don't agree with your current stance of things is wrong. I don't agree with that.

If she wants to blast parents for making the decisions they need for their children,then we have every right to blast her for her choices. She thinks she lives the everyday life of the average person. She doesn't. I bet she doesn't know that the military right now is fighting for ABA services. A service that has been proven to not cure, but help those with Autism. I am willing to bet she wouldn't put her money where her mouth is and lend Us her voice. I know most of us don't think her spread in Playboy in the name of Autism Awareness was classy. And lets face it, Autism was the last thing in people's minds as they looked at her naked breasts.

Do you know who is a strong Celebrity voice for Autism, people like Holly Robinson Peete. A woman that goes up against Rap Stars for their usage of derogatory language towards Special Needs in their songs. A woman that celebrates her children. Accepts her children for who they are.She has yet to call out parents that have a difference of opinion.

I feel bad for all those who think they are "Victim Parents" because Jenny McCarthy thinks so. We are all "Warriors" or "Fighters" in our own right. We have all taken our child's diagnosis and did the best we could to ensure them the best possible life we could give them. We have fought the schools and the insurance companies. Many of us are still fighting. We don't need some B Celebrity telling us that we are doing it wrong for the choices we have made. She did what she thought were good choices for her life. And sadly not everyone lives the life of a Playboy Centerfold.

I don't dislike her for her stances on things. To each their own. I dislike her because she judges those who don't conform to her ideals. And that is wrong.