Monday, September 28, 2015

To the Guy in the Truck who screamed at my son...

To the Guy who was late for work,

I get that its Monday. We all get that it's Monday. In fact everyone most likely has a cause of the Mondays, but here is the deal, if you are late for work and having a crappy morning because of it, that is all on you. Nobody else. So screaming out of your big truck, " Get that F*CKING Retard on the Bus" and laying on your horn is not going to help you in the slightest. It just shows the world just what kind of a person you really are. A person with a very small heart and not enough love to give to the world.

I don't know the situation you are in that prompted you to scream at my son as he got on the bus, but let me tell you about ours, since you felt the need to scream a derogatory name at him. You see, he can't help being the way he is. Some days we move at turtle speed and some days we don't. Some days he is co-operative with his bus aide and some days he is not. He is, but a child. A child that has special needs. He can't help that the world is magnified 10x more than it is for you. He gets caught up in all 5 of his senses some days, which distracts him. But you sounding your horn and screaming at him, will not make him move any faster. And it is only going to anger me.

Now I don't want to think the worst of you. I truly hope that maybe you were just late for work and were frustrated that you managed to find yourself behind a bus or that in the heat of that frustration you said the wrong things. We humans do that from time to time, but the fact that as you drove past me, you felt the need to also further your seat in the " Asshole of the Day" club, you flipped me the middle finger. So all those possible hopes that I might of had for you to be decent person, were lost.

I hope that one day, you never have to experience the heartache that most of us special needs parents have to deal with sometimes on a daily basis. I hope that, that level of ignorance, cold hearted, mean spirited behavior never enters your world. Sure I could wish a bunch of bad things upon your person, but I am better than that. I hope that in time you will come to realize that acting so disrespectfully to someone, will get you nowhere. That people will see you for who you really are. A very small, ignorant, close minded person. They will judge you for being that person.

And for my son, the bus is his favorite part of his day, and I am not going to let people like you ruin that for him. There are so many little joys that, that boy has and the bus is one of them. With everything thing he has going on in his life, he doesn't need another person who doesn't understand making his life worse.

Very Respectfully,

The Advocate of a Little Boy who deserves to respected as a Human Being.

Note: I know that this person is never going to see this. But I wanted to write about it, for all those who have been dealing with no so nice people and the daily idiocy of those who can't be bother to be a decent human being.