Friday, April 26, 2013

The Lament of the IEP for the Third Time...

Its not a big secret that IEP has a resonating sad ring to it. As it means your child is struggling in their academic life. It brings to the table the many fights you will have with the school over what you feel they need to be working on. The stress of wanting what is best for your child. Its enough to make any parent have panic attacks.

As I write this, all three of my children have IEPs. Every year, separately, I go in to hash out the goals these children will have to work towards. I won't lie that it stings. Makes me what wonder what on earth is in our genetic code. Or what We as parents should have done differently. No parent wants to see their child struggle, at anything.

This last establishment of an IEP, I think stings more, because I know he understands. As I see the pain in my child's eyes, when he doesn't think he is good enough. When he compares himself to others. When I see the frustration in his face, when something simple things trip him up. I see this child beat himself up when he is the last in the pack. I want this child to feel that he is good enough. He is smart enough. I want him to know that he is strong enough. I want him to know that he is a fighter. A good one. One that looks at these challenges in front of him and thinks to himself.. " I got this. I can do this." I want to encourage him that he is wonderful, funny, smart and loved. I want him to see past his difficulties and not let them consume him.

As a parent, I want the best for my children. As most parents do. Its hard as a parent to fight that urge to jump in with a magic wand and fix things. That is where we learn. We learn to step back and see what potential these kids have and we let it shine. We learn that sometimes its ok to accomplish things with help and hard work and that finding a way that works sometimes takes time.

Even though that all three have their individual roads to follow, I will gladly help them on that road. I will be there when they stumble and need a lift. I will be there when they get to the end and begin anew. I will celebrate with them every step of way. I will always be in their corner cheering them on from the smallest of victories to the biggest.