Monday, November 26, 2012

Neuropsychology....That sounds exciting...

Ok so this is a combo.. rant/thought. And maybe a bit of a pity party for yours truly. I am going to get this out of the way.. WHY CAN'T THE UNIVERSE CUT ME SOME SLACK?!?!*shakes an angry fist at the sky*  Ok I feel a little better. Just need to get that out. Ok so you are probably wondering why I want the universe to cut me some slack... Well as you all know I already have two kids on the spectrum. So my hope for my eldest was that he won't have to go through the same fight my other two are currently going through. It turns out that I failed the roll and don't get a chance to re roll..

So rewind to the beginning of last week. While everyone was getting ready for Thanksgiving, I had parent teacher interviews and an IEP meeting. Interestingly enough, my daughter's IEP meeting went great! My son's parent/teacher interview did not. Apparently, he is having issues pay attention in class and staying focused on individual tasks that are asked of him. And here I thought, ok typical 8 year old boy with an attention span of a goldfish. Yeah no. Sadly looking at his awful handwriting ,his inability to put a sentence together and him forgetting about the story he just read, his teachers are concerned. Ok. Great. So we are looking at the possibility of him having ADD and a learning disability. Not the end of the World, I know. But it adds on to the day to day that I have with the other two. Now my eldest is smart, in that cunning evil genius kinda way. The boy could out argue God(he would make a great Lawyer), can remember promises you said six months ago and can hatch a plan to get out of anything quicker Houdini himself. So I am not worried about this child's future. I guess I am just frustrated in that I just want things to be simple. And this just adds to the chaos that is already our lives. He will get his testing and assessments done and what transpires out of those, we will deal.. But I do have to ask myself, " What dice did I roll, and can I please have a re roll on the 20 sider?"