Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Was it really worth it in the end?

Yup its been awhile and as always real life is the culprit. There have been so many things to comment on in the past month, but its trying to find the right words to say. As many of you will know that I write from the heart. SO here goes.

I don't post a lot of politics on my page, well I try not to. It is one of the many things that can get a person's  blood boiling. I know I have posted some things in the past, which resulted in a shit show, but for the past couple of days, it has been very hard for me to just sit back and not say anything, especially after being called so many wonderful names like the ever so popular "Libertard"

This election from it's beginning started out as a circus, then a farce and in the last couple of weeks of it, a harsh reality. So many angry people. So many people demanding a change to a corrupt system. People who had every right to be angry at the flawed system. Yet when it came time to decide who was going to be a champion for our angry voices, both parties let us down. I am not going to get into which side was more right than the other, but I will say that we were presented with two people that no one wanted.

Through out the months before the election, I like many other people, sat and watched this calamity unfold. Many people were shocked at the behavior of one and the scandal of another. This election lit fire to the skepticism a lot people had with Washington and it's corruption on both sides, but it also opened up the doors to issues this country has tried to sweep under the rug. Those doors were Racism, Bigotry and Sexism, not to mention the treatment of disabled persons by a Presidential Candidate. We sat as the media manipulated it's audience. Whether it be to focus on the speeches of one candidate or not provide enough coverage to another nominee. In the end, I believe the American people lost.

The fear mongering, the corruption and the very bold statements pitted family and friends against each other. Adamant that their respective candidate was the right one to lead this nation. We saw people pull out the race card, the bigot card and even sexism card. For me, its very sad that in 2016 all of those things are still an issue. We can sit here and actually talk about the real politics of this election, but I fear that the important stuff, like climate change, government spending and the general welfare of the people where overshadowed by remarks made by one particular candidate and the corruption of another. This was an election literally was which one is worse than the other or who could we tolerate more for the next 4 years.

So last Wednesday, we all woke up to the realization, that despite the person who's disparaging remarks made us all wake up, won. They won over a person who's email troubles and the looming corruption shadow was something they couldn't shake. There were some that were very much upset ( it happens every election) and there were some who were very happy. In the days that followed, questions were asked. Questions that came from the youth, who watched all of this unfold, who were confused. Some were uncertain on how to accept this. Some who knew just how to accept this.

With all this bullshit aside, on a personal level, it was very hard for me to watch the outcome of this shit show, for many reasons. Like most parents, I am passionate that my children grow up in a world that accepting and decent.Void of mocking and embarrassment simply because they are different. As a person, its was hard to hear remarks about my gender, my nationality and my religion coming from people who are supposed to be running our country. And for those things, it makes me fearful. I didn't support either Candidate, not that it is anyone's business, but I feel that its important for me to state that. I was one of those many people stuck in the middle.

It saddens me that I see people at war with one another, but I strongly have to state that those who supported the racism, sexism and bigotry in the last couple of years of this election, I hold you responsible for the candidate you put into office. Every mistake, every gaffe its on you. So when it comes time for blame, and there will be, it will be on you. It takes a decent person to see this country doesn't need it's racism, sexism and bigotry aired out like dirty laundry. Or in a sad way, it does. Now we all know what many of you stand for. I get that not every republican is a racist, or sexist or a bigot, but the man you supported is. You have to ask yourself where was the line drawn for you to ignore his comments? If you truly respect my family, then when it comes time for you to add your voice because something negative is going to affect my family because of your choice, I want to hear you. I want you to be just as angry as I am that there is an injustice happening. If you were above the horrible rhetoric, then donate to places like Planned Parenthood, Southern Poverty Law Centre and any number of LGBTQ organizations. I hope it was worth it in the end. I hope he proves all of us wrong, but you will have to excuse me if I am a bit skeptical.

I would be lying to myself  and you if I said that I could shake off a lot of what is happening in response the election. It hurts my heart to see the world at odds with itself. I don't like the violence or the ransacking for establishments as a way to get a point across. Its not my style. I do believe in the power of a peaceful protest for a common purpose. Connecting with your Congressperson or Senator is another way to be heard when things are upsetting.  

I will close out this post out with a conversation I had with my 12 year old, a child that is very globally aware, on the morning after the election.

" Mom, who won the election?"
" Trump"
" What is going to happen to all of my friends, who are Muslim or immigrants?Are they going to be taken away? Are you?"
" No, son we aren't going anywhere. Where did you get the idea that we would go away?"
" Trump doesn't like immigrants or people who are Muslim. I listened on of his speeches"
" He can't send us away."
" Is now going to be ok for people to make fun of my brother and sister, because the President does it?"
"No, its never ok for anyone to make fun of someone because they are different."

To be honest I don't care if this loses me people who follow me on Facebook. If anything I have said offends you, then you know where the unlike button is. I am very tired of the complacency. I do that every day trying to advocate for my children against people who don't want them in today's society. I can ask people to be respectful about the opinions of others, but I know that doesn't always happen.