Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Flat Stanley Obsession.. Autism Style...

Flat Stanley. He is cool... He is flat and he has adventures, right? To most children his adventures inspire imagination and a sense of travel. To my 7 year old daughter he has inspired an obsession. 

A few weeks ago my daughter's class started their Flat Stanley projects in order to understand Geography and mapping. Cool. Little Miss wanted to send hers to Canada where her Amah and Grandad live. Great Idea. Flat Stanley is going to Canada. At this time My parents were getting ready to go to England(That is where my Father is from) to visit family. They thought it would be a good idea to take Stanley with them and he would have adventures there. Before he left for the United Kingdom, my parents made this social story about Stanley's adventure in Canada and send it back to her class in the meantime. Fantastic I thought! The social story was wonderful. Pictures of Stanley feeding squirrels. Him at the lake that I used to kayak on.You get the picture. 

Stanley has not come back from England yet. And Little Miss is stressed over it. She is more stressed over this paper doll coming home than her father being deployed. I am used to the 20 bazillion questions every hour. But this has reached the point of obsession. We had a complete meltdown over Stanley yesterday after school and again this morning. You cannot bring up this guy's name without someone shutting down. Is it wrong to say that Stanley is giving my daughter  a complex with traveling paper dolls? I think its hard for her to understand fully that he is coming back. And it makes me wonder if this is a reflection of how she feels about her dad being deployed?

I will so be glad when that envelope arrives in the Mail with the 'Royal Air Mail' Stamp on it. Little Miss will be relieved that her Flat Stanley is back and safe from his adventures and I will be relieved to have a bit of my sanity back. Next time we have to do a Flat Stanley project he is going to have an adventure across the street at a neighbour's house.