Sunday, August 13, 2017

2017. The year of Hatred.

I normally don’t blog about politics. Left, right or down the middle, at this point it isn’t even about sides anymore. After yesterday’s events, I can’t contain my rage any longer. I am not even going to try and be polite about this.

I, like most of us sat clued to either our computers or TV sets and watched horrifically at the events that took place in Charlottesville, VA. Most of us sat there in disbelief that in 2017 we were witnessing Neo Nazis clash with not just decent human beings, but clergymen and women over hate rhetoric. Not only that, we also witnessed a Neo Nazi plow through people who were count marching against this hate parade, to not only injure 19 people, but he killed someone. A woman, who came to counter hate with a peaceful protest. Her name was Heather Heyer. He killed her. Ran her over with his car, because he didn’t like Jews, Blacks, Minorities, Immigrants, Gays and anyone else he disagreed with. His love for our POTUS, Hitler and Jesus consumed him so much to kill in their name and yet we have a nation that still refuses to acknowledge there is an issue with racism. Our POTUS can’t even call them out. Instead we have yet another TV broadcast of him talking about his accomplishments and a little blur about condoning the actions of the “Many Sides”. No sir, it is just one side. So, let’s have a conversation about that one side.

Nazis. Anyone who paid attention in 20th century history classes, would know who or what a Nazi is or was. It is sad that so many need to have a history lesson to fully understand why Nazis and Hitler are not well received in today’s society. Hitler was not a nice man. In fact, when you think of some of the greatest assholes this world has seen, Hitler was one of them. Approximately 6 million Jews died because of this man and his political party. 6 million. That number doesn’t reflect the Gypsies, Homosexuals, disabled or any other persons he hated.  This was the man who wanted the master race, Aryans. Blond haired, blue eyed, Christian race. Exterminated those who didn’t fit into his mold. Exterminated, as in got rid of like a colony of ants that plagued him. Most of the Operations in Europe during WWII were fought to liberate the world from this man. All those who died on the Beaches of Normandy, the military offenses in Italy, France and even the boots on ground in Africa, in the air, land and sea, men and women lost their lives to protect the freedoms of others against this man and his Nazis. So, when the Neo Nazis want to have their little hate parades, most of us tend to want to silence them, as it would be tragic if our WWII Veterans thought their fight and their war dead was all done in vain. The 6 million Jews and countless others died for what? Hatred. Our Veterans fought against that hate, only to have it thrown back in their faces decades later? Yet we have a POTUS ready to send troops to North Korea to fight against the evil that lies there, funny since he can’t even fight against the evil in his own country or take care of the Veteran He already has, let alone make more of them.

I have tried so hard to be the optimist when it came to the Trump administration. I tried. Grinned and bared it. After yesterday, I just cannot sit back and let the cards fall where they may. Yesterday was the prime example of the literal torches Mr. President lit during his campaign, that ignited the hate people have or had brewing in this country. Yesterday was the melting pot of that hate, but he as some issues calling out what it was. It was domestic terrorism. He can’t call out a white man as a terrorist. Why? It wasn’t many sides, it was one. One side that he has continually toyed with since the beginning. Now the right can get all up in arms over the BLM movement or the Antifa establishment, but when it comes down to it, is the BLM movement associated with a group that killed 6 million people? Is Antifa responsible for Ms. Heyer’s death? The answer is no, to both questions.

Any group of people who march through a town’s streets chanting for the deaths of another race, is a hate group. Any group that doesn’t see why plowing through a group of people they dislike and killing one of them is wrong, is a group promoting terrorist actions. The sad part is, is most will not see that, as the man who killed Ms. Heyer wasn’t black enough or wasn’t from the right religion for him to called a terrorist.

Right now, people must ask themselves what side they want to be on. The answer isn’t left or right. Its whether you want to be on the decent side of humanity or the one that is so consumed with hate and discontent it would make Hitler so very proud.