Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dear Rosie..

Hi! Hello!

I know you don't know me, which is ok. Being a celebrity, everyone knows who you are, but for us who aren't, we are nobody really, to you. But that is going to change. A lot of us have followed you since you got your career started. We were there when you had your talk show. Laughed with you when you proclaimed your obsession with Tom Cruise and many of us thought your performance in League of Their Own was pretty awesome. Most of us supported you when you came out and we didn't care that you were gay. We supported you when you adopted your children, as there are so many children who need of loving homes, both neurotypical and special needs. So when you made the comment that you would have rather deal with "Autistic Triplets, than having to deal with your children, that you adopted, I could see how the special needs community would have issue with that. For many reasons. It was when you were confronted about your statement by a parent who's child is autistic, you made a cold statement about how autism wasn't the punch line, you were. Now I get that you being a celebrity, most of the opinions of us nobodies, doesn't mean much to you. But in reality it does. Here is why.

Acceptance. Simple right? Us nobodies accepted you as a Gay person. A person who adopted children and a single mother for the most part. Now I get that there were haters along the way, but it was us nobodies who carried your celebrity status. Supported you against those haters. We accepted you. Now your comments about autistic triplets was ignorant and thoughtless. We all know that you are having issues with your eldest daughter. Whether or not she is coming to terms with her own mental health, but regardless, your issues are not the same as the ones we face everyday with our special needs children. And vice versa. The trick being, Ms. O'Donnell, is that most of us try do what ever means necessary for our children to have a better life. One that you promised all of your adopted children when you adopted them. Now I am not going to pass judgement on how you have dwelt with your issues regarding your children. That is not my place, but when you think that autism is a piece of cake rather than having to deal with the four children, again you adopted, you are very sadly mistaken.

Now I could launch into my own family, but it isn't going to matter to you. Obviously, I am a parent of special needs children. Two in fact with Autism and a genetic disorder. Go me. I don't have the luxury of having the top doctors at my disposal or nannies to take care of my children when I haven't slept in 48 hours, because one of my children has a sleeping disorder. In fact, to add to my fabulous lifestyle, I have a spouse that deploys. So while you seem to think that having to deal with autistic triplets is like winning the lottery, as a opposed to having to deal with your own children's issues, like any parent would, the rest of us are struggling. Struggling to find good healthcare, struggling to make a school see that our children need that little bit of extra help in order for them to learn better. Struggling against society's views and stereotypes that get placed on our children( one thing you should know a lot about)

So even if you didn't mean to make autism the butt of your joke, you did. That makes you part of the problem we as nobodies, have to deal with when we are up against social attitudes. You being a celebrity have that power to make a change about how the world view things, as people listen to you. I and many others like me, are just a small community who are trying to make our voices heard, as we echo our children's.

Before you blast anymore twitter posts about how you were supposed to be the butt end of your joke, take the time to listen to those who have supported you over the years, when society has reared it's ugly head in your direction. It was us the supporters, who defended you. Please be that for us.

Very Respectfully,

Just one of the nobodies