Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Tale of Two Mothers.

Two women. Two extraordinary women.This is a story about two women who found themselves having a common bond. A child. A child that one day would learn to be appreciative of the lives of these two women who had through love and never ending persistence shape who this child was going to be.

For countless of women on this planet, who have not been able to bear their own children, the first woman of this story is that of a mother who adopted. It doesn't matter what the circumstances where at the time, of why she didn't conceive, but it was the reason she wanted to be a mother to a child is what was important. There are so many children out there that need a good foundation in life. Love, support, nurturing and compassion. And to those people who make the choice to adopt, accept so many of these children into their homes and into their hearts without a second thought. The power to be a parent to someone is a strong feeling. There is a unique bond that both child and parent have. The adopted child will grow up knowing they part of a family loved them for every breath they took. For the adoptive mother, it is a chance to finally be able to have that feeling of motherhood. There is that hope and chance that the universe has given her to be someone's mother despite the odds that were given to her and her partner. She can now be part of the many joys that come from being the mother of someone and  the heartache that comes as well. But in the end it is as simple as hearing a little voice call her " Mommy".

The second woman of this story is that of story the woman gave a child up for adoption. Whatever the circumstances that were, it doesn't matter. The choice that she made to give up her child in the hopes that someone would give it a better life, is a selfless act. Some times that choice is a difficult one to make and sometimes not. But in the end, this child had the possibility to live a life that could better than the woman could provide. It does not make this woman a horrible person. It makes this woman brave. Brave in the sense, that most women who give their children up, often wonder if they had made the right choice. Most carry that worry till the day they part from this world. There are some fortunate to meet their children, as adults and find the strength, through love try to reconnect.

The Child. The child eventually grows up, wondering who gave them their eyes, colour of hair, shape of their mouth. Whether or not its from their mother's side or father's side. But aside from physical differences, the child often wants to know where they came from. There were times that those questions where often difficult to answer. One day that child would grow up to be an adult, who would be on a path of self discovery. That child was me.

Two Women.Two Mothers. Both on very different paths, have one common bond. Me. These two women are remarkable as they have embraced the situation for what it was. The mutual respect and admiration, the mother who gave another a chance at motherhood and the other who raised, loved and supported this child as her own. Both women who embody just what a mother is.

The two of you have no idea the impact you have both made in my life. Not just in parenting styles, but who I am today. Why I am who I am. The choices that both of you made so long ago, shaped me. Never for a moment did I ever feel unloved or unwanted. You have both empowered me to be the woman and mother I am today with my own children.

You both are remarkable. You both are wonderful and I am so blessed to have these two strong, amazing women in my life. Thank you. Happy Mother's Day!