Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Grandparent's love

As I sit down to write this, I am listening to my father talking with my daughter. They are sitting down sharing some toast and jam. The conversation is going between talking about her dolls and the want to go to the park. As I hear the familiar 20 questions that are always asked, my father is taking it in strides. He is doing his best to make sure that her questions are answered, even if they are the same questions over and over again.

For the past couple of weeks I have been privy to seeing just what it means to be a Special Needs Grandparent. There have been so many fantastic, touching moments that have happened between watching my children interact with their grandparents. The moments of patience, understanding and taking it all in, in what it means to have someone in your life that is special needs.

I think that it is sometimes hard for family members, who are not always with a special needs family,  will only see a fraction of what the parents have to go through on a daily basis. Sometimes I think it is hard for a Grandparent to take a step back and see the different parenting style it takes to parent a special needs child. As parenting styles and "Rules" have changed since we were children. But when you have the family members that accept, love and support your children, it is a very special bond they will have with your children that are uniquely theirs.

From watching my father sit patiently with my son in his lap, explaining the TV show they are watching. Talking calmly and quietly into his ear, while massaging his joints for joint pressure, as he knows that will help calm this wild child down. From the trips to the park, where Amah is perfectly content in pushing a swing, as that is only thing he wants to do. Listening with keen interest was my daughter talks about everything, repeats it and then asks a bizillion questions. Calming her down when its raining so hard and they know the sound bothers her. Taking their small little hands with in theirs as they walk down the sidewalk.

Its all those things that will build the best memories. Memories I hope that my children will hold on to, when their grandparents are long gone from this earth. It is memories like these ones, that keep my grandparent's spirits with me. For children it doesn't take much. A little love, some understanding and you will have created a bond so strong with them, that they will remember and cherish you.